I started a year ago after meeting one of the Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training coaches in a social setting. I was in my mid 30’s and looking for more energy and looking to feel better. I attend the boot camp classes 2-3 times a week and have had a few personal training sessions. I am stronger and feel better than I ever have! I’m finally able to do 12 pull-ups in a row for the first time in my life! I think its the combination of weightlifting, running, kettlebells, gymnastics training that has increased my endurance, and strength. So if you have reached a plateau in your regular workout, I highly recommend Xtreme Athletix Strength & Conditioning Gym.


I found Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training during a web search looking for Gymnastics instruction for my daughter. But I was also looking to get back into shape, to tone back up and for something socially. The trainer who answered the phone was friendly and personable. They were offering a free boot camp tryout session, to see if I liked it and after I tried it, I did. The workout was challenging, and I really like a good challenge! The fitness trainers and coaches also seemed pretty knowledgeable and knew what they talking about. I really see results and also like the group in boot camp. They are great people. We really work together as a team and cheer each other on. When it came to some of the nutritional concepts, I wasn’t ready to wrap my mind around it and to actually do it and even though as I thought I want to get fit, I guess I still didn’t want it bad enough. So when my BP was going up, it was either go to the doctors and get medication or try what the boot camp coaches have been recommending, so I tried it and lost some of my stubborn weight around my belly in just a couple of weeks! I was really surprised on how fast it worked and I feel a lot better. My endurance has increased dramatically too. In the beginning, I would leave here feel totally exhausted, but now, I feel recovered enough in 20-30 minutes, not that I would want to do another workout, but I could, if I had to. If you have any reservations about trying the boot camp classes, just go and do it. You will get results. It’s fun, and you will learn even when it does’t really feel like you are learning them. I really like some of the different exercises we do, from gymnastic basics to kettlebells, weightlifting and running, and even though I can’t do all of the movements completely yet, but I like to keep trying because I know one day, I will.

Jacklyn C.

If you are looking for an interesting and challenging workout that will help change your mind and body, this is the place for you. The workouts that the boot camp coaches put me through at Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training are always different and never boring. The personal trainers will push you further than you have ever before by the motivation and helpful explanations. They will also help provide you with the education and accountability to diet right though a healthy, common sense approach so I never go hungry and enjoy eating. You will realize you have more courage, strength and energy than you ever were aware of.During the boot camp workouts there is always individualized personal attention and training offered to each client for quick, safe and effective results. The boot camp and kettlebell classes at Xtreme Athletix are not long and drawn-out. The workout are fun, quick, high-intensity, fat burning sessions. The personal trainers focus on your personal training and fitness goals so will see the best results in the shortest amount of time. Give it a try, I guarantee it is worth your time.

Heather W.

After attending Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training classes for one month I started to see a total body transformation that I never saw after years of working out in a conventional gym! Using different methods of training such as crossfit, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, running, and strength training, I was able to increase my endurance and strength in a fun and supportive group atmosphere while getting individualized personal training from the boot camp coaches. I recommend this gym for anyone wanting to see a change, whether minimal or drastic, the coaches and trainers do an awesome job at setting up a plan to help you surpass your fitness goal. 

Clara B.

Don’t judge a book by its cover — because the outside of this awesome place is deceiving! lol I used to drive past it and not even notice it was a gym. After finding a Free Boot Camp class online, I knew this place had something to offer. The Boot Camp Coaches, along with the other Personal Trainers are very helpful. From Kettlebells to Weightlifting, I am always learning something I never thought I could see myself excel in. As a woman, weights seem scary in regular gyms due to all the bulky men crowding the weightlifting area. But here gender is not competitive, and when it is, its all in good fitness fun. Its a comfortable atmosphere to power through some hard workout. 

Nicole G.

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Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training is fun, challenging and always makes you sweat. The Boot Camp coaches are some of the most well versed personal trainers in fitness and nutrition and know how to get you in shape the right way. The workouts are hard core and full of energy but are available for all levels of fitness. The bare bones approach to fitness will teach you to respect your body and get you on a path to a more healthy way of living. Since starting boot camp, I’ve been able to get to a fitness level that I haven’t felt in 20 years!!! If you want to feel great, check it out! 

Pat F.

Just completed my first workshop at Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training last weekend for Running. Can’t believe how much you can improve your running with just simple adjustments to your technique. I’m pretty fast, but don’t have much endurance. With the tips and techniques I learned in the workshop, I’m already seeing my times improve. It will take a little time to re-learn from doing wrong for so long, but excited at the early results. Been going to gym for about 4 months now and in the best shape I’ve been in 20+ years. This gym is one of the best, if not the best, in Tampa. Bring it or stay home! 

Todd W.

It’s Fitness Done Right. For the past 9 months I have been working out at Xtreme Athletix and it has been the best fitness decision of my life. Using a scaled approach to fitness level and skill, Coach has helped me reach the highest fitness in my life. I have lost 25Lbs, gained muscle, and ran my first 5k under 30 min. The workouts are varied and Coach always has good advice from diet, to agility drills, to weight lifting. It’s definitely not Globo Gym and everyone in the class is friendly and supportive and will help reach your goals. I recommend Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training and guarantee you’ll see results if you’re committed to fitness. 

Egan C.


It’s not pretty, but it works I’ve been working out at Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training Strength & Conditioning since March, 2009. I started with just two workouts a week and could barely do one regular push-up. In less than a year’s time, I can easily knock out 10 – 15 push-ups in a row with proper form. That may not sound like a lot, but many of our workouts include over 50 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups, dips, etc. The workouts are hard, but are also adjusted individually for each persons individual skill and fitness levels. From a female’s perspective I don’t find this gym to be intimidating at all and the other members are friendly and fun to workout with. The only negative aspect I can think of is that there are times when there’s not enough equipment for the number of people that are there, which slows down our workouts and skews our times. I usually take this time to get a drink and catch my breath, so it has not been too much of a problem. I recommend Xtreme Athletix to anyone who is serious about getting into shape, or for those who want to improve their fitness levels. If you are looking for a health club with pretty shiny equipment, this is not the gym for you. If you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty, if you can follow basic instructions, and if you are willing to be completely exhausted from each workout, you will like Xtreme Athletix.

Angela N.

I started attending Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training in April 2010 and right then my love for exercise was reinvented. I didn’t know I could have so much fun while working so hard. Within weeks, I was lighter, faster, and stronger. Coach put in extra time with me, answering all of my questions about nutrition and exercises. Getting that first real pull up, climbing a rope for the first time, or a personal best on a lift…it’s an amazing feeling.

I owe a lot to Xtreme Athletix, I’m addicted to a great workout!!! I love making the weights cry!

Courtney S. -U.S. Army

Before coming to Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training, I never really got excited about working out. I love coming here because the workouts are fun, challenging and ever changing so things never feel stagnant. Seeing a continual progression in the way I look, feel and perform fuels my motivation and keeps me coming back for more!

Chrissy C.

I am a yoga instructor and since joining Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training in July 2010, I am not only stronger and faster, I also have the endurance to teach a 90 min power yoga class without getting winded or exhausted. In 7 months I have lost 18 lbs and have more strength than I ever thought possible. I tell all of my yoga students that they not only need to train their flexibility with Yoga, but they also need to increase their strength and always recommend the coaches at Xtreme for that!

Erin W. -Yoga Instructor

I recently started Russian Kettlebell training at Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training and have seen UNREAL results. After 4 MONTHS of training three times a week I have LOST 47 POUNDS. I have seen dramatic changes in more than just my weight and ability to work with kettlebells, but I have also seen tremendous gains in fitness and athleticism. I simply DON’T GET TIRED anymore.

Heck, I even got my girlfriend, who has never done any physical training in her entire life, to come and see what’s its all about. So far she is loving every minute of it. No matter what you fitness level is, you will love it. If you are interested in getting better at sports or lopping off some fat (or both, like me) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking kettlebell classes at Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training. You will not be disappointed and you will be learning from the best. I learn something new EVERY session. This is not some mindless boot camp, this is STRENGTH and CONDITIONING at it finest.

James M. -Student

I came across Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training on the internet in search of a new personal trainer. I have attended their workshops on nutrition and movement as well as weekly workout sessions for nine months now. I have dramatically improved my strength and fitness. I feel and look leaner and better than I have ever before. Their in depth knowledge of fitness and nutrition have given me useful tools and the confidence to make positive changes in my life and achieve my wellness goals. I would not hesitate to advise anyone to enter into a coaching relationship with Xtreme Athletix, I am glad that I did.

Chrys R.

Since taking the beginner kettlebell workshop my fitness has gone nowhere but up. I’ve since taken theintermediate level workshop in addition to private training sessions. Unlike traditional personal training, the coaches at Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training just don’t simply tell you to do something, they explains the reasoning behind every correction and movement. As a member of the military, the carryover has been substantial. It takes me a lot longer to feel fatigued when running, I am much stronger and I have had positive changes in my physique (can you say understatement). This will help me dominate my military fitness exams. This has been the most productive training I have ever done, and I have done a lot!

Britney P. -Military

If you’re looking for a place where the coaches are only there to yell,  “give me 10 more reps” then Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training Gym isn’t for you.  The coaches’ depth of knowledge really shows when they create workouts with a purpose.  The workouts they have you do and the results you see are not accidental.  Every training session will have you moving quickly towards your goals, whether it’s to lose weight and feel great or train for competition.

Francine M. -Happy Buddha Yoga Lounge / YogaDowntownTampa.com

After becoming bored and not seeing any result with the typical 10 rep/3 set gym workouts, I wanted to try something that was more physically demanding and would challenge me day in and day out – I found that and more at Xtreme Athletix. In just 4 months, I have seen more results, both physically and mentally, training here than I did after a year of training at your typical “gym.”  Their workouts have helped me to obtain a more complete body workout, as well as educate on how to perform exercises and understand the technique and reasoning behind such workouts and exercises. I would absolutely recommend Xtreme Athletix to everyone of all experience levels. No matter what fitness level you’re at, Xtreme Athletix will prove to provide you with the proper training you’ll need to accomplish and surpass all your fitness goals!

If you want a workout that will challenge you and help you achieve your personal goals then Xtreme Athletix is your place!!

Steve H. -

Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training – Thanks so much! The Core and Joint Mobility Workshop was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in strengthening their core and improving flexibility and posture. I love working with kettlebells and I especially appreciate the detailed way you guys go about teaching each and every movement. As a personal trainer fairly new to the field I feel it’s important to learn from the best instructors! I look forward to more workshops and classes!

Stacey Lander L. -Fitness Professional

I’ve only been here for one week and I really enjoy it!

Xtreme Athletix Tampa Boot Camp & Personal Training is so much different than the gym workouts that I was used to. Rather than doing the same thing every morning and not knowing what else to do, I come here and do something to work a different part of my body every day, that I would never think to do on my own. It’s really good.

Erin H. -Hairdresser

I have been physically active all my life and have suffered from migraines for 15 years. I took medication daily to minimize them. After training with the coaches at Xtreme Athletix Boot Camp for a few months, my migraines went away completely and I no longer take medication. I am completely off of all prescription drugs! I guess sweating like I’ve never sweated before three times a week has “cleaned out” my migraines. I also had an issue with stomach cramps that is no longer a problem. Thanks!

Christy V. -Business Owner

I was looking to balance my program out since I was an avid runner, I was running miles and miles per week, but I knew that I was missing some important components in my workout program, and I didn’t feel comfortable lifting weights without proper coaching.

Well, I have been here for about 2 months now, and let me tell you, I was really shocked when we did a 5k last week. My running time actually decreased by a minute and a half, for my 1 mile pace time, and that was without running all the miles like I was before! This is like nothing I have ever done before!

Jordan C. -Financial Analyst

I’m down 15lbs and 2 dress sizes! Thank you Xtreme Athletix Boot Camp! I WILL get to the top of that rope before the end of the year!

Katherine W. -Graphic Designer

My clothes are feeling better, I’m feeling great and I can actually do a push up!

Before I joined boot camp, I was sick of doing the same thing all the time, so I like that it’s mixed up every day, and I do different things which keeps it interesting!

Dayna O. -Receptionist

I have lost a total of 25 lbs! And last year I started to run triathlons and duoathlons. So I ran a duoathalon in December. It was a 5 k run, 12 mi bike and another 5 k run, and I did it in an hour and thirty-five minutes and change.

After using Xtreme Athletix as the core of my training, I ran another douathlon with the same distance and shaved off about 12 minutes off my time, and that was just in a month and a half!

One of the biggest surprises about the training is that we don’t do the same thing every day. We do something new everyday, and we don’t necessarily do a lot of running, but I noticed that my run time has still gotten a lot better!

Joe W -Accountant

I started going to Xtreme Athletix to help my lower back and trunk build strength after a car accident in 09. I had no idea how much it would improve my Yoga Practice. I was able to do things in Yoga I have never been able to do before with balance and stability. Thanks!!

Nathan B. -YogaTampaBay.com

I like it because it is not so monotonous, like going to the gym and everything.

I am stronger, see more definition in my arms, in my legs and you know, when I do go to the gym, and run, I am just not as tired.

I can last longer – but I really like the definition in my body it has given me.

Lea L.

I want to make sure that you guys knew how much your extra efforts are appreciated in helping me with my fitness plan.

I must be harder on myself than I thought, because I never seem to notice the positive changes in my body, yet I was so surprised to hear so many compliments from my friends and family when I was in New Jersey this summer.

You guys have definitely had an impact on how I think and act regarding my eating habits and exercise. Thanks!

Cathy A. -Attorney

I joined the program because I wanted to lose weight, get in shape – I hit a wall at the regular gym, so I came here to get specialized training and it’s worked!

I’ve lost 25 lbs, 4 inches in my waist, and I feel a lot better, and all without having to do the same old boring stuff at the gym!

Dave G. -Accountant

The best thing is that I have developed a strength that I never knew I could possibly have.

I’m 37 years old and I have developed strength better than I had when I was 20 years old! The coaches at Xtreme Athletix have been pushing me to a limit that I didn’t possibly think I could ever get pushed to.

To me, this has been like a therapy to me. When I don’t come, I miss it! It’s like my body needs it, my body craves it, and I just need it every day now, it’s like a drug. SO, I GUESS IT’S MY DRUG – MY DRUG OF CHOICE!

Jackie P. -Business Owner

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