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logo with latin1 300x267 AboutXtreme Athletix is Tampa Bay’s Elite Functional Strength & Conditioning Personal Fitness Boot Camp Training Program!!!

We offer Group Strength and Conditioning Boot Camp Classes to Personal Training Fitness Sessions for Weight Loss, Increased Athletic Sports Performance and Strength & Conditioning.

To us, routine is the enemy! – We utilize constantly varied modalities so you never get bored! From calisthenics to kettlebells, barbells & medicine balls, athletic training, agility & coordination drills, metabolic conditioning, yoga based dynamic flexibility drills, basic gymnastics skills, olympic lifting, traditional boot camp exercises & interactive team building drills, coupled with hi impact, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity while under supervised professional military-style coaching.

Our primary focus is increasing your fitness and performance to their highest levels in all areas of fitness.

DSC06970 1024x768 About* ALL of our Group Classes and Private Sessions are scaled to your individual fitness level and are designed to provide you with the safest, effective and fun experience to maximize your personal fitness potential!

From “Soccer Moms”, to Pro Players, to Endurance Athletes and Military Operators, we train you all!

Welcome to the Xtreme Athletix, your answer to achieving complete and elite fitness. Call us @ 813.401.2234 to get started in Tampa Bay!

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